Thanks for the Postcards received for the August Poetry Postcard fest 2016

August Poetry Postcard Fest 2016 cards received

And here are the postcards which have made their way across the Atlantic… all 27 of them. I think there are more en route for those who have carried the fest on into September.

In the mean time my thanks to Linda Malnack, Mary Beth Frezon, Rachel Barber, Pat Mirza, Lucia Lemieux, Sara Jameson, Rita Chapman, Karen York, H.V. Cramond, Amy Miller, Laura Snyder, Peggy Miller, L Lisa Lawrence, Gay Guard-Chamberlain, Gail Eisenhart, Christine Irving, Carla Shafer,Will Reger, Linda Barnes, Courtney LeBlanc, Rich, Roberta Feins, Jessie Lyle, Danita Smead, Marcela Villar M, Marc Thompson and the person from the UK who sent the M.C Escher card and a backwards poem.

Most of all thanks to Paul Nelson and Lana Hechtman Avers whodreamed up the whole enterprise.It’s become part of my summer.

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