Friday poetry and Happy Weekend

For this Friday and the weekend’s poetry reading I’ve gone back to Tamar Yoseloff’s A Formula for Night, which contains her body of work from twenty years and four collections plus new poems. Hitherto I’ve not made the time to read all the poems so I am looking forward to doing that and to finding new favourites. It seems an appropriate thing to do during Milton  Keynes Arts Week, as Tammy facilitates Poetry and Visual Art courses for the poetry school. I’ve taken part in a couple of these and they really open your eyes to the possibilities of writing about and from modern art. The cover of the book is one of Cerith Wyn Evans light installations at White Cube

Tomorrow I’m off to Westbury Arts Centre for a day of Ekphrastic poetry organised by Karen Littleton. She has kindly asked me to contribute by reading from Voices from Stone and Bronze and to join a group reading work inspired by the artists who work at Westbury. The studios are open and I am hoping there will be time to have a look round. It should be a lovely afternoon.

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