August Poetry Postcard fest 2016

The poetry postcards from fellow poets continued to arrive until recently. So now it’s time to look back on August and a month of writing and receiving poetry postcards.

Collage cards made by Caroline Davies

I was far better prepared this year with more than enough cards to allow me to write 31 poems to send to the other members of group 4. They are all based in the USA and I’m in the UK so I knew not to wait until the postal service started delivering cards before I got going. Some people who have taken part before are highly organised, but I just had a stack of cards to work from and began with the first card and first poem written about the Himalyan blue poppy on the card. Later in the month gorgeous hand-made cards arrived on my doorstep. These and a trip to East Anglia inspired me to get out scissors and glue to make some of my own cards – see above for the set of Snape Maltings cards. I only hope that they got through the post OK as they went out without envelopes.One of the participants Terry Holzman had the good sense to use envelopes.

I didn’t write poems every single day. Some days I wrote several cards as the poems seemed to come in a rush. I made the happy discovery in my stash of a set of postcards of Greek art and artefacts from the British Museum which made me want to revisit Greece but which provided lots of inspiration and some of my multi-card days.
There were other days when we were busy with school holidays that I knew I wasn’t going to get a chance to write and that was fine so long as I caught up at the end of the week.
Later on in the month I was able to write response cards to the poems I’d received which was good too.

So now I’m going back through my fuzzy snapshots to type up the poems and to decide which to submit for the anthology being produced to celebrate ten years of August poetry postcarding.

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  1. Reading people's wrapups of the fest, it seems many of us wrote several at once and skipped some days. Your cards look like they would inspire poetry. Congrats on completing.

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