August Poetry Postcard Fest 2016 – ten years of postcards

It’s time to register for the annual jamboree of poetry postcards organised by Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers. The countdown clock shows there’s only a few days to go before registrations close. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a list of the other 31 members of your group and it will be time to start writing cards to them.

This will be my third year of taking part and it brings such joy to August. I’m usually the lone UK participant in my group and sometimes have a little bit of a wait before the postcards start arriving from the USA.

This year I am much better prepared and already have more than enough postcards to allow me to write a postcard a day. I learned from my experience of the first year that only having just enough cards meant that I kept putting the less inspiring cards to the bottom of the heap. Since then I have been collectiong (stockpiling?) cards during the year so I have plenty. Heck this year thanks to Amy Souza I even have some hand-made cards.

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  1. Thanks for your comments Sherry and Helen. Look forward to seeing you in one of the groups next year Helen. Best to take the plunge with poetry as with swimming it is great once you're fully immersed.

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