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It feels like there is a school’s out atmosphere this week with children being let loose for the summer. Yesterday evening I went to the last session of advanced poetry workshops with Katy Evans-Bush. These are held in a room above the poetry café in Covent Garden once a fortnight and provide for me a chance to escape to London for an evening of poetry. More important it is the chance to share work (and poetry gossip) with a group of other poets who are all writing excellent poems. I have learned so much over the last couple of years about what works and what doesn’t work in a poem.
The evening begins with a catch up of what is happening in our poetry worlds, which books we’re reading (I shall revisit Jean Sprackland’s earlier collections after last night) and then it is on to the critiques. It is a small group so we know each other’s styles of writing well now. There is such a level of trust within the group that people are willing to bring along first-ish drafts that are still a little rough around the edges or one of those poems that is at the stage of development where you can no longer see the wood for the trees and need an external eye. I’ve come to enjoy hearing and discussing the others’ poems as much as receiving feedback on mine.
I can’t wait until September when the workshop will start again. If anyone reading this would like to join you’re welcome to contact Katy Evans-Bush via her website. And one of our group, Sue Johns  is reading with Louder than Liberty on Wednesday 5th August at the Colour House Theatre,  Watermill Way, Merton SW19 2RD


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