Friday Poetry from Clare Best and Butcher’s Dog

Friday Poetry from Clare Best and Butcher’s Dog

I have a couple of items of poetry reading lined up for the weekend. The first is Clare Best’s poem, Cell, which will unfold into a cell with artwork by Michaela Ridgway.  I’ve been saving this up until I had enough time to read it properly. I was going to describe this as a poetry treat. However the poem is about Christine Carpenter, a girl of fourteen who was at her own volition enclosed in a cell at St James’ Church, Shere, perhaps compelling reading is a better description.

The eight issue of Butcher’s Dog magazine arrived in the post during the last week with a gorgeous picture of a mermaid on the cover. This always has poems which are worth reading.

And the plant is my Jade plant (Crassula ovata) which has come into the house for the winter. It used to be my office desk plant but has a much happier existence these days, outside in the sunshine for the summer and on a cool but dry windowsill during the winter.

Whatever you are doing this weekend do make time to read a poem or two.

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