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Today I want to give a mention to  Story of Mum a wonderful website which is the brain child of Pippa and Penny Best and many mothers. This is a place for mothers to be creative (even if you only have five minutes) and to share their stories, support each other and to have fun. It is quite unlike any other mothers’ spaces on the internet.
The website includes a poem based on the idea of a Kenning which is growing line by line. At Milton Keynes Art Gallery Project space there is currently a touring exhibition Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves. It is a chance in real life to see all the things that mothers are capable of and this is where I joined the project. I was asked to ‘curate’ a poem based on the giant collaborative poem already on the website and to read it at the launch which was held on last Friday. 
It was a glorious evening with inspiring stories from five women followed by me reading the Kenning and also sharing a poem about my own mother. I just wish Story of Mum had been around when my own children were smaller.
The touring exhibition will move to Penzance in September and then to the Photographer’s Gallery in London and in the future to New York and at each launch there will be a new poem.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming and sharing your words with us! We loved how you interpreted the poem 'curation', and it was a complete pleasure having you with us. Your poem is up on the story of mum website here: and we'll be sharing the wordles this weekend – such a fascinating approach and way of exploring how we choose to describe motherhood. Some real surprises in there!

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