One of my Poems has been travelling…

Well there I was posting about not being able to let go of my poems when a message appears in my in-box reminding me that I did let one of them, Sirens, out earlier in the summer.
Oh my, what an adventure this poem has had. I was responding to an invitation from Nicelle Davis over on the Bees Knees blog to send her poems to take to New York.  Nicelle believes in letting poems roam freely and finds lots of wonderful ways of making this happen using coffee cups, T-shirts, plant pots,  the sides of cars – there are no limits.
She is also a reassuring sort of person to leave a rather shy written-from-the-point-of-view-of-an-eight-year-old-girl-poem with. As her blog says her hope is for poems to thrive. She wants her poem kids to play with your poem kids. She wants them all to drink purple kool-aid together and climb trees.
So my poem has not only been to New York but also to San Diego – coast to coast no less as part of a red Poetry Flash coat together with other poems. It sounds such fun. I am almost jealous having never been to the States. I suspect it probably won’t be back any time soon but it may send a postcard you never know.

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