HQS Wellington and Operation Pedestal

HQS Wellington is currently hosting an exhibition about Operation Pedestal, which took place seventy years ago. During the summer holidays I took my sons to see it and the ship. To be honest this was really an outing for mum as I wanted to have a look round the ship and although I’ve done plenty of research on that particular convoy it is which is worth re-visiting.

Fortunately both sons were riveted by the film (originally produced by Channel 4) which was part of the exhibition. It was a useful way of giving them the information rather than having to do too much reading of the wealth of written information in all the displays. I only discovered later just how much the younger son has absorbed about what happened to the Ohio when he explained the story, at length, to one of his former teachers.

This is all part of my personal mission to ensure that people don’t completely forget the contribution of the merchant navy and men like my grandfather to the outcome of the Second World War.

HQS Wellington is a lovely ship to visit. She is moored on the Thames, just down-river from Embankment station – a piece of living history. You will get a warm welcome (as we did). entry to the Pedestal exhibition is free to children and a mere £3 for adults. It closes next Monday so you only have two more chances to visit – Sunday 16th September and Monday 17th September.

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