Catching up at last

Now I know why I’ve not kept a blog before. I don’t have the time.

This week I’ve been reading William Carlos Williams – Spring and all – for the course. Wrote a commentary tonight and sent it off. There is more I could say.

Since I last updated the blog I’ve written and re-written a poem inspired by the Bath House at Barmouth. The resulting poem was much improved with the help of comments from my fewllo writers on the Grail.

I’ve had another go at the Guy Russell poem although it still needs more work. Sent it off with a health warning to the tutor. He agreed it needed more revision – still a few adjectives doing more than they need to. Shall look at that when I get a moment.

Have sent four poems off to competition – three to one and one to another.

Also heard back from Sarah Willans, the new poetry editor at Writers Forum magazine. She’s going to critique one of my poems from the OU course last year for possible inclusion in a problem poems page. Even if it doesn’t get included I’ll get a free critique some time next week.

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